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Background initiative WIKI on geo-standards

This wiki on geo-standards is an initiative of the Dutch national stimulation program on SDI (in Dutch Ruimte voor Geo-Informatie, RGI). One of the projects within this stimulation program, RGI-116, had the task to explore innovations in geo-standards. Within this initiative a world-wide survey was made to appraise the need and wishes of the geo-community to have an active forum of participants that can contribute to sharing a broad spectrum of knowhow concerning the developments related to geo-standards. As a result of the overwhelming positive response by the geo-community, this wiki was developed as a kick-off to host these needs and wishes. Many thanks goes out to the pioneer participants who have come from a number of educational, public and commercial GIS oriented working bodies.

We hope that you will not only visit this unique wiki site frequently but also take an active role in helping us keep information on geo-standards correct and up-to-date.


A special thanks to the cooperation and involvement from:

  • 52┬░North
  • Alterra
  • Conterra
  • Geodan IT
  • Interactive-instruments
  • Foundation Geonovum
  • Foundation Space for Geo-Information
  • Universities: Dresden, TU Delft en Wageningen University

For extra information concerning background, content and participation in this wiki environment, please contact John Stuiver of the Wageningen University
At the moment the wiki is changing hosting environments. The content is being renewed by the moderaters and will be available at a later date for user input.
Once again please contact under construction John Stuiver for further information.

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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